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What a pub-tastic evening!

Wow! What a response the village (and beyond) gave to our pop-up pub.

From the moment the doors opened people flooded in and welcomed the pub back into the community in style.

Potton Brewery provided the ale which was very well received, and from what we could tell, was slipping down nicely as the pints disappeared. The Republic IPA certainly tasted good as the barrel of 70 pints 'evaporated' within 2 hours. South of the Border and Rye Smile then took over and kept the beer flowing. Wine, gin, soft drinks and snacks were also available to keep everyone happy.

As the photos show, it did get very busy but it was wonderful to have so many happy customers. From behind the bar it was great to see the smiles, hear the laughter and watch as old friendships were re-kindled and new ones were formed. There were certainly some people for whom the years seemed to drop away as they took up their positions in the bar and they picked up where they left off seemingly only yesterday. Quite a case of 'deja vu' as one person remarked!

Thank you to all who attended and helped to make the evening a success. There will be more pop-up pubs, but also, keep a look out for pop-up cafes. There are renovation works to be done in the pub, so any events need to be organised around these but this page will be updated with the latest information.

*Update: The next pop-up pub will be on Saturday 2nd February 2019 from 5 - 11pm.*

And now that we have proof of our vibrant and enthusiastic community - all we need is a tenant to provide them with the community pub they deserve! If you are interested in this amazing opportunity please contact us.

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