The Three Tuns, Guilden Morden - Timeline


The Three Tuns (T3T) is recorded as a public house in the UK’s census – it has probably been a pub for over 300 years


Simpson’s Brewery of Baldock (founded in 1730s) acquired Pryor’s tied estate that included The Three Tuns


Mr & Mrs Jack Gray retire as licensees (length of tenure unknown).  Claude Pearce takes over as landlord


Simpson’s Brewery sells the pub to Greene King & Sons Ltd


Claude & Kathleen (Bink) Pearce retire.  Nick Crane takes over as landlord


Nick Crane retires


Greene King closes the pub (landlady Linda Walsh retires after 9 years) and sells it to a property developer - The Three Tuns Action Group (TTAG) is formed


T3T designated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV)


The new owner applies for change of use of T3T from a pub to a house – South Cambs District Council (SCDC) recommends refusal of the planning application in March 2016


Planning Inspector refuses planning application (upholding SCDC recommendation).  TTAG broadened to become The Three Tuns Community Group (TTCG)


TTCG registers Guilden Morden Community Pub Ltd (GMCP) as a Community Benefit Society to be able to buy T3T - the pub is put up for sale


GMCP agrees terms to buy T3T and raises over £250k from over 265 investors

Nov 2018

GMCP buys T3T and the extensive refurbishment of the pub by our fantastic volunteers begins

May 2019

Peter and Megan Friskey become GMCP's first tenants and reopen the pub in June 2019


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