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Water, heating, action!

It’s been another fruitful week in the pub. A warm step forward was taken when James the plumber came in to check the system. He did a brilliant job, sorting any leaks, changing washers and getting the toilets fully functioning! Not to mention ensuring that there is heating in this cold weather. The pub is now beginning to feel cosy again.

We also had an excellent turnout from volunteers on Wednesday to clear the car park of undergrowth in readiness for turfing. Aside from the hibernating hedgehog (now safely re-homed) and a large amount of brambles and nettles trying to ‘attack’ unwary souls, all went well. As you can see from the photos below, there was a lot to do, but they have transformed the area and we have a fence again. Thanks to Tim and Jane from Brilliant Lawns, the new turf is laid and the car park is back to its proper size. Thank you to all involved.

Thanks also go to the volunteers who started on the interior cleaning. At least with heat and hot water things moved on a pace, but there is a lot of dust and grime that accumulated in nearly 6 years, but it’s beginning to scrub up nicely. More volunteers may be asked for so please keep an eye on emails.

Hope you have a good final week before Christmas... yes, it’s just around the corner!

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