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Three Tuns Community Pub

Welcome to a regular update on the changes at the Three Tuns Community Pub and the work that the management committee and all the volunteers are undertaking to update this asset to make it a success. Following the exchange and completion on Wednesday 21st November the committee has taken the time to assess the building and arranged for a tree survey to ensure that the garden is safe to work in. Repairs have been made to the roadside fences and the pub sign is being restored to reveal the old Three Tuns image. The ‘grass’ and shrubbery have had an initial trim but there’s still a huge amount of clearing to be done by hand. The interior of the pub still needs checking before we can start work in there.

Next week, we’ve arranged meetings with building, pub and grant advisers, so there is much to keep everyone busy.

Tim making a brilliant start to clearing the garden

Alan tidying up

The sign looks better without the ivy

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