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Busy Pop up and Busy Volunteers

Thank you to all those who came to the pop up pub on Saturday - the first with our own premises licence. To do this we require all those serving to be formally trained in licensing laws, so we have had a number of volunteers diligently learning - expect them to be serving soon! You can see one group training with Bernard Lee below.

With the earlier start of 3pm this gave a chance for those with younger families to come and socialise together, and it was wonderful to see the children playing together, Many children also took the opportunity to read the books and use the time for practising their artist skills . As day moved to evening we had a constant stream of people coming to enjoy the beer and atmosphere.

For those who have seen the pub in daylight, you may have noticed some differences in the garden. Graham and Andy, with the help of a number of volunteers have been very busy making the space usable, levelling and planting. We have also been sanding tables and chairs to brighten them and bring them up to date. A group of volunteers ‘attacked’ the work the other Saturday. The ones that have been completed are already looking much better.

What you can’t see in the pub is the decorating going on upstairs to ready the property for a tenant. Volunteers have again put their backs into the work and been sanding ready to paint.

Thank you to everyone who has been to help - you will have more opportunities! There is much to do in March and April, both inside and out, so we will advertise the next pop-up event when we can do one around the renovations. In the meantime, please keep advertising the pub as a brilliant opportunity for a tenant.

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