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Guardian newspaper link - July 2019

Pub closure rate halves as communities fight back, and data suggests that government action on business rates and development may be working:



Background information and history

We ran two surveys - one for the community and another for businesses and clubs. Many people responded so we now have a very clear idea of what the community as a whole wants from a community pub. The pdfs below have the full results but the headlines from the community survey are: 

  • 89% agree or strongly agree that the Three Tuns should be saved

  • 91% state the pub is  important or very important to them

  • 90%  would use the pub for home-cooked, traditional pub food

  • 74% would consider providing financial support for community ownership

Saving The Three Tuns is hugely important to the economic and social health of Guilden Morden, here's why ....    

We have a very strong management committee made up of 12 people from the village with a broad range of professional skills and experience to manage the purchase, renovations and appointment of an experienced pub tenant. 

Here are the answers to all the questions we could think of but if we haven't covered your question, please sent us an email.

In case you couldn't make the meeting, here's a copy of the presentation shown on the day.

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