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Next pop-up pub 6th April  2019  3 -11pm

6th April 2019.jpg

Next Pop-up Pub!

Saturday 6th APRIL



All welcome!

Beer from local breweries

Potton, Milton & Lord Conrad

Russell’s Cider from Potton

Cambridge Juice Company  

pop up pub 2nd march.jpg

Next pop-up pub 2nd Feb 2019 5 -11pm

Thanks to all those who came and made 29th Dec pop-up such a success! It was wonderful to see so many people and you can read more about it in the blog here ( If you want to see more from the evening we were on Anglian News so please take a look at 

We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd Feb for another great evening.” 


14th December

With festive plans well under way we wanted to invite you to join us at The Three Tuns on Saturday, 29th December, 5-11 p.m. for a pop up paid bar! 


We are inviting all investors and family and friends to come along and enjoy a festive drink (or two!) and celebrate our recent purchase of The Three Tuns.


There is still a lot of work to do, but with the hard work of so many people in the village over the last couple of weeks we have managed to make a fantastic start on clearing the garden and tidying up and cleaning inside the pub. 


We hope you can join us on the 29th December.


We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

6th December

We had a great turnout from shareholders last Saturday eager to see inside the pub. Thanks to all those who came along. We’ve had lots of media interest and a few articles in the local press.  Here are a couple:

The Three Tuns is now owned by the Community!

We are delighted to announce Guilden Morden Community Pub Ltd completed the purchase of The Three Tuns on the 21st November 2018. With investment from 267 shareholders, the pub has now been saved. 

Buy Shares in

Guilden Morden Community Pub


Although we've raised the initial capital to buy the pub, 

we will need more funds for refurbishment. 

Shares are £250 each. 

 Join over 250 shareholders who have already invested. 

16th September

A HUGE thank you to the more than 250 people who've invested their money to buy shares in Guilden Morden Community Pub, we are ready to buy The Three Tuns in Guilden Morden. There's still time to buy shares and appear on the Founder Investors Board - get in touch soon!

Royston Crow 12th August

Save the Three Tuns: Momentum builds in Guilden Morden pub campaign

Bank Holiday Monday - 27th August
Come along to our Fundraising Campaign Stall at the ASHWELL SHOW (Ashwell Street)
10am - 5pm

15th August

A big thank you to everyone who has converted and in many cases increased their pledge into shares. We’ve raised over £100,000 in the first two weeks of the fundraising campaign, which is a great start.

If you haven't invested yet,

19th July 2018

Guilden Morden Community Pub Limited expands the Management Committee in preparation for the Share Offer to be launched on Friday 27th July. 


We have a very strong management committee made up of 12 people from the village with a broad range of professional skills and experience to manage the purchase, renovations and appointment of an experienced pub tenant.

16th July

The Share Application Form will be at the back of the Share Prospectus. This together with the Business Plan will be available at the meeting and online on Friday 27th July.

We are one step closer to 

Buying The Three Tuns!

Come along to the Village Meeting on Friday 27th July

Anytime between 5pm-8pm

Chapel Schoolroom, Pound Green, Guilden Morden

25th June 2018

We have now agreed with the owner a process for gaining access to The Three Tuns. This will enable us to undertake a survey to determine the cost of reopening the pub. The results of the survey will provide the information we need to be able to proceed with the purchase.

21st April 2018

The owner has not accepted the community’s offer to buy the pub. Under ACV legislation she is now able to sell it as a pub on the open market. The owner has denied us access to undertake surveys, without which we would not be able to consider raising our bid. Nonetheless, our offer remains on the table.

31st January 2018 

Having raised over £200,000 from individual pledges and £100,000 in grants and loans from the Plunkett Foundation, Guilden Morden Community Pub Limited submitted a bid for £300,000 subject to surveys prior to the moratorium coming to an end. We have proved that the Three Tuns has a viable future as a pub. 

14 January 2018

Thank you to the 220 people who have pledged to save The Three Tuns. We will now be able to submit our bid later this month.  Saving The Three Tuns is a community effort.  A quarter of households in Guilden Morden have pledged to invest, with individual commitments ranging from £250 to £10,000. 


2 December 2017

We had a very successful stall at St Mary's Christmas Fayre on Saturday 2 December with special beers for sale.

7 November 2017

The Village Meeting was a success - standing room only.  The full deck of presentation slides is available here.

Another meeting will be held on Tuesday 7 November in the Chapel Schoolroom at 7.30pm your chance to ask questions plus hear about other community pubs and their successes.


4 October 2017 

The Open Meeting held on 4 October attracted over 60 visitors. The community met members of the Three Tuns Community Group and were able to share their views and ask questions as well as pledge support - both investment and practical help . 

See above for how to pledge YOUR support.

20 August 2017

The owner of The Three Tuns finally notified South Cambridgeshire District Council

of her 'intention to sell' the pub. Under legislation governing Assets of Community

Value there is a six-month moratorium until February 2018 during which the owner

is not allowed to sell to anyone other than the local community.

The Three Tuns Community Group  set up a

Community Benefit Society - Guilden Morden Community Pub Ltd. We will be seeking

financial pledges from investors plus views from everyone in the village via a survey in The Gamut and there will be an Open Meeting on 4 October, 4pm to 9pm 

at the Congregational Chapel School Room so come along share your views and

ask questions.

30th January 2017

Since our update in November, we’ve broadened the membership of the

Three Tuns Community Group (TTCG) from 4 to 10 people to reflect a wider and younger section of the village with more diverse professional skills and experience. We especially welcome two members who moved into the

village with their families after the pub closed but nevertheless appreciate the

enormous community benefit reopening The Three Tuns would bring.

The pub is our village’s only Asset of Community Value (or ACV) and its demise

in the words of the Planning Inspectorate would be

‘an unacceptable loss of a valuable community facility’.

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